Auto Translation

1. Introduction

Live agents may not be proficient in the native language of the customer they are connecting with. Giving users and agents the ability to communicate with each other in real time in their preferred language goes a long way to ensure seamless customer experience. 

For businesses, the ability to communicate in real time with end users in the language of their choice helps to – speed up customer service, improve customer satisfaction and boost revenue.

2. Availability

Auto translation feature is available for customers with Enterprise plan and above. It can be used with

  • OneView Inbox
  • Translate chat bot messages

3. Account Setup on Google Suite

For creating the API Key for the Google Project, follow the steps outlined here – 

Prerequisites – You also need to make sure that there is a Billing Account associated with the Google Project that you intend to use

Step 1: Ensure that Google Translate is enabled from the Dashboard section of APIs & Services.

Document image
Document image

Step 2: Go to the Credentials workflow from the APIs & Services menu

Document image

Step 3: Select Create Credentials button at the top bar

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Step 4: Select the API Key option from the Create Credentials menu that comes up

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Step 5: The API Key will be generated that you can use to integrate with the platform. Copy the key over and enter it in the Engati Integration account section

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4. Account setup on Engati

  • To setup an account on Engati, navigate to Integrations and select Google Translate
  • To set up the account, provide an account name and the API key, which is obtained on purchase from the google cloud translate services
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Document image

5. Google Translate for your chatbot

  • Navigate to ‘Configure’ and select ‘Languages’
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  • Next step would be to enable auto-translate under Configure >Languages
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  • This will enable auto translate for all additional languages you add for your chatbot

6. Google Translate for OneView Inbox

6.1 Enable and set preferred language

  • Enable auto translation would be to check ‘Allow Auto translation ‘ under configure> Live chat> Chat settings 
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  • Setup the preferred language by navigating to ‘Region Settings’ under ‘Account Settings’
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  • Click on ‘Region Settings’ and select your preferred language
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6.2 Use Auto Translation on OneView

  • Agents in the one view will be able to see a panel above the respond box that will indicate the to -> from  language with a toggle button that can be switched on and off. This panel will be available only when the steps to set up auto-translation have been completed
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  • Ensure that the toggle is ON, for the auto translation to work seamlessly, switching the toggle to OFF will disable auto translation of messages
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  • If the auto translation fails then the toggle goes into the OFF state and a message is displayed on the panel ‘Auto translation failed !’. The agent cannot switch on the toggle in this state. When the auto translation service is again online the ‘to’ -> ‘from’ message is displayed once more and the agent can switch the toggle on once more for the auto-translation to begin
  • Users will see the agent and bot messages, in their select or default language
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Updated 23 May 2022
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