Channel Summary

1. Introduction

The Channels Dashboard provides analytics to help you track the metrics around the responses by the active channels.

2. Availability

Note: For customers registering after 16th November 2021, this dashboard will not be applicable. They can view Agent Performance dashboard for all agent performance and channel related analytics

The Live Chat – Channels Dashboard section is available for supervisors and the agents and can access the Channels section under the Analytics menu option.

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3. Metrics

The key metrics for each agent are: Inbound Requests, Resolved Requests, User Feedback%, First Response SLA %, Resolution SLA %, Average first response time (in mins), Average resolution time (in mins)

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Inbound Requests: Number of inbound requests (new requests – both new conversations + re-opened conversations handled by both bot and agent) for the chosen time range

Resolved Requests: Number of inbound requests resolved

User Feedback: User Feedback is calculated as x% positive

First Response SLA%: Percentage of inbound requests where first response time is within SLA for first response

Resolution SLA%: Percentage of inbound requests where resolution time is within the SLA.

Average first response time (in mins): Average time in minutes for first response for inbound requests

Average resolution time (in mins): Average time in minutes for resolution for inbound requests

Updated 23 May 2022
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