How to add FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are standard query responses that can handle customer queries. 

For eCommerce, we have a ready template available, you can access it here. Create a copy of this document and add the responses according to your store

Once edited, you can add these FAQs by downloading and importing this CSV file. To upload, go to Intelligence,  select FAQs, and click on upload FAQ.

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Once added, you’ll be able to see the FAQs on this page. You can edit, add or delete FAQs.  

To add FAQs individually, you can click on Add FAQ. Add query variations and add responses. 

To improve bot responses, you can go to response training. 

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For the user message, you can see the response, it can be either a path or an FAQ. For queries the bot cannot answer, it triggers the ‘Default message’ path. You can train these queries to improve the responses.

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Updated 25 May 2022
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