Managing your notifications

1. Introduction

Owner, supervisors and the agents can change the notification settings and enablements according to their preferences

2. Availability

  • Following configurations will be set on a customer level for each portal user
  • These can be changed by navigating to ‘Account Settings’ from top right
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  • Click on ‘Notification Settings’ from left side menu to set notification preferences
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3. Sound Notifications

They can enable or disable sound notifications for new incoming requests and new messages. It will be enabled by default.

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Notify via sound on a new request – When this is enabled, agents will be informed via sound on each new conversation request assignment

Notify via sound on a new message – When this is enabled, agents will be informed via sound on each new message from any active conversation

Enable browser notifications – You can enable the browser based notifications by enabling it from the portal as well as browser.

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Enable Extended Sound Notification – Enabling this would ring the notification for up to four times.

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Notify via email on a new request – An email will be sent on the agent registered email id, for each new conversation assigned

Notify on SLA non-adherence – Notification will be sent to supervisor and concerned agent, on SLA non-adherence

Notify via email on API errors –  If enabled, email notification will be sent for API Log errors

Updated 23 May 2022
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