New Messages

1. Introduction

The new requests assigned to the agent or supervisor will be visible in this section under Messages.

1.1 Availability

The New Messages tab is visible to the supervisor and the agents under the Messages section.

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2. New Requests

If the user requests a chat with an agent, the request will be visible in the New section. 

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Messages will be assigned according to the routing rules and only if the supervisor/agent are available. The supervisor or the agent can mark themselves online by toggling the Not Available option to available and vice versa.

The new requests coming in will be notified via sound notification if enabled in Preferences.

3. Filters

The agent can click on the icon next to the Availability toggle to sort or filter the new chats assigned.

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The agent can sort the Messages with the option for ascending (oldest first) or descending (latest first) the Start Time i.e the time when the Messages started. The default sorting mechanism is Start Time – Descend (latest first)

The agent/supervisor can “Filter By” with attributes like Channel, Date, Email, Username. The agent can select a date from the date picker and the Messages visible would be all the Messages in the date range. Filters are empty by default. 

To apply a filter or a sorting rule, the supervisor/agent has to add the rules and click on Apply. 

Resetting will clear the filters and change the sorting to default. Additionally, the search users tab also will help you to filter the data.

4. Initiating conversations

You can now initiate a new WhatsApp conversation directly from One View inbox.

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Click on the Start New Conversation button in the New section.

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Here, you can search from existing users or create a new user by clicking on 'Add New User'. New users would be those WhatsApp users who have never sent or received a message via your WhatsApp number.

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Add the WhatsApp number with country code, rest of the fields are optional. Once you click on Add, you can select a Template message you want to send and start a conversation.

Updated 21 Jun 2022
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