Pause Node

1. Introduction

The purpose of the bot is to improvise the User experience, this can be only achieved when the end-user is able to grasp the information being conveyed, in some instances due to a large amount of content the points that require more attention are often overlooked causing the purpose of the bot to be undermined.

Engati provides the option of slowing down the conversation so that the User reading the content has ample time to read and understand.

2. Steps to implement 

  • Select the User displaying data nodes between which you want to apply the Pause Node.
  • Select the time duration from the set of predefined options.
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  • Save and connect with the following nodes
  • If the time duration needed in-between messages is more than 10s, more than one ‘Pause Node’ can be used in a sequence to give the required experience.

Updated 05 Jul 2022
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