C2E Bridge

Cloud to Enterprise Adaptor for Engati

The Cloud to Enterprise Bridge (C2E Bridge) is a solution that would come in use where integration with on-premise systems is needed. The solution would reside on the customer’s on-premise systems and will relay the integration calls within the on-premise systems from the Engati cloud infrastructure.


For deployment of the C2E module, the following hardware requirements need to be fulfilled –


4 GB
40 GB

4 vCPUs

A Detailed installation document would be provided for setting up the instance which would include all steps needed to use the installer and set it up on the specified environment infrastructure.

License Setup

In the integration workflow, a new section for C2E Bridge is added which would be used for managing the license for the C2E module.

Once a license is created from this workflow, a license ID and a license secret are generated which would be used in the installation steps for the C2E bridge.

Licenses can be revoked or regenerated from this workflow.

License Management Workflow
License Management Workflow

This would also contain details of the last sync time with the C2E module as well as any errors in network/communication.


For utilizing the C2E bridge to achieve on-premise system integrations, the JSON API Node has been enhanced to support C2E integration schematics.

This helps to maintain the simplicity and configuration of the JSON API Node and extend it to on-premise systems as well.

The C2E Bridge options would be similar to the other JSON API constructs, like Parameters, Headers as well as authentication and error schematics.

The user can just invoke a service on the C2E bridge and relay the relevant information to complete the integration.

The C2E Bridge module would also have capabilities for application status as well as log monitoring.

Updated 05 Jul 2022
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