Engati for Shopify - What’s in it for you?


Shopify is a platform that enables businesses to go online by helping build websites to manage sales and customers easily, making eCommerce better.

However, businesses have to engage and retain their customers globally across platforms, in real-time. With the rising customer demands, this has become a necessity to have customers coming back to your business. 

What Engati can do for your Shopify store

Engati’s tailor-made solution for Shopify can help businesses and stores acquire, engage, and retain customers by implementing the bot and live chat solution

With Engati you can

  • Reply to user messages across channels from a single inbox

  • Reduce abandoned checkouts by sending custom notifications on WhatsApp, SMS, and emails 
  • Allow customers to check new products, track orders, check payments and refunds, retrieve order information, cancel orders, etc all via the bot

  • Turn Instagram followers into customers by providing instant replies on DMs, stories, comments, and mentions

  • Send promotional messages and offers to engage and retarget customers on WhatsApp

  • Integrate with FB ads and collect leads, answer questions instantly, and route them to the store

  • Send out order updates and checkout abandonment based notifications

You can understand how the solution works in the sample store here

To get started, you can check out the documentation here

Shopify makes eCommerce better, Engati makes Shopify better for you!

Updated 08 Aug 2022
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