Onboarding & Deployment

1. Introduction

Engati is currently available via the private app route as part of early-bird access. For access to the private installation, please express your interest here. Post access, you can also install Engati via private app by creating a private app from the Shopify admin page > apps (see the images below).

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2. Registration Process 

After Installing the Engati app you would be redirected to an onboarding wizard to complete the registration process. The wizard is a quick 4 step process to create your Engati account and integrate it with your Shopify store.

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As part of the onboarding process, you would be able to set up your chatbot and configure Live chat.

The Chatbot will be based on a pre-defined template (User Journeys) designed by the Engati team specifically for your store. Once done, you can either choose to Activate (deploy) your chatbot or configure it.

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On clicking on the activate button, the bot would be deployed on your store and would be available for the customers to use. If you don’t want to deploy your chatbot at that very moment, you can choose to do that later as well (How to Deploy Later?). 

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By Clicking on the configure button, you would be directed to your Engati account home page, where you can edit your bot display, set up engagement triggers, Manage Live chat agents, Add FAQs to an existing list, etc.

3. Deployment

To Deploy your bot later, you can navigate to the configure section in your Engati account and click on connect option for the channel you would like to deploy your bot on.

After clicking on connect, for the website (your store), you would be able to see an option to deploy the chatbot on the connected store. After clicking on the deploy button, the bot would be deployed don your store and would be available for the customers to use.

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Updated 18 May 2022
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