1. Introduction

Chatbots are commonly used for customer solutions to help end-users get answers to the Frequently Asked Questions or some common flows where users get stuck. However, there may be some queries that are unique or have been encountered for the first time and the chatbot may not be trained enough to answer these.

For such scenarios, we have introduced integration with the Freshdesk Ticketing Platform. Customers can now integrate the Freshdesk account with Engati and enable users to create tickets, get ticket details and update existing tickets from the chatbot itself.

Note: Freshdesk direct integration is supported only for all the following paid plans,

  • Blossom
  • Garden
  • Estate
  • Forest

Refer here for more details, https://freshdesk.com/helpdesk-features

2. Access to Freshdesk Integration

You can access Freshdesk Integration under the Cloud Integrations in the Integration tab. This is available to our customers on the Business (or higher) plans.

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Once the Integration with an account is completed, the integration APIs can be used within the Conversation flow using the Freshdesk Node in Builder>Path.

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3. Steps to configure Freshdesk Integration

3.1 Adding the Freshdesk Integration

3.1.1. Log in to your Engati account and go to the Integration tab. Click on connect on the Freshdesk tab. Enter a name for the Freshdesk integration and click on Authorize.

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3.1.2. Enter the API key. You can find the API key by signing in to Freshdesk. Click on ‘Profile Settings’ from the top-right menu. Copy the key in the section ‘Your API Key’ and paste it into the API Key field on the portal.

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3.1.3 You will find the domain name in the URL of the Freshdesk page. Copy the name of the subdomain i.e. the name before frshdesk.com. In this case, it’s sample1234. Paste it in the subdomain field on the Engati portal and click on save.

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3.2 Configuring Freshdesk Node

3.2.1 Once you have logged in, you are done with authorizing your account. Now go to Builder>Path of choice and try adding a Freshdesk node.

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3.2.2 You can also Authorize a new account here or use a previously authorized account.

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3.2.3 Selecting an Action

i) Once you select your account, you can then select an action, from the list of actions available, to be performed on your account. The list of available actions is as below: a. Create Ticket b. Get Ticket c. Update Ticket

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ii) Once you select the action it populates various rows that are required to complete the actions, and assign different attributes for each row with respect to what information is required.

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ii) Once you have done with assigning the attributes to save the node and your Integration is ready.

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iii) All tickets that will be created, corresponding ticket id for them will be saved in attribute {{user.ticket.id}}

iv) If needed, the bot built can use this attribute as-is or save it in a custom attribute and display the same to the user, who has created the ticket, in the chatbot flow.

Updated 04 Jul 2022
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