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Freshdesk direct integration is supported only for all the following paid plans,

  1. Blossom
  2. Garden
  3. Estate
  4. Forest

Refer here for more details, https://freshdesk.com/helpdesk-features

1. Access

1.1 Owner or Supervisor can enable Freshdesk application, by navigating to ‘Integration’ option from top right corner.

1.2 Click on ‘Freshdesk’ and enable the option – ‘Allow agents to configure their own account’. 

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1.3 Saving this will enable the Freshdesk Application for all the users (Owner, Supervisors and Agents). You can read more on the same, Account Setup.

Integration tab will be at Top Right hand side of the Account Icon or at the left hand side of the bar.

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2. Using Freshdesk

2.1 Freshdesk at present supports 3 use cases

  • Create Ticket
  • Get Ticket
  • Update Ticket

2.2 Agent can click on the Integration icon and click on the required Application.

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2.3 If an account is not integrated, agent will be redirected to the Integration page to integrate an account.

2.4 Agents can select one of the options from Create Ticket, Get Ticket and Update Ticket.

2.5 Workflow according to each option will differ,

  1. i) Create Ticket – Agent can give ticket details and the ticket will be created and Ticket ID will be displayed at the end, which can be copied to clipboard and sent to the end user

(Note: Freshdesk required both First Response date and Due date to be given while creating a new ticket, so agent can either give both or none to create ticket)

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  1. ii) Get Ticket – Agent can enter ticket ID and the corresponding ticket details will be fetched, and the same can be copied to clipboard and sent to the user.
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iii) Update Ticket – Agent can enter ticket id and the corresponding ticket details will be fetched and the same can be updated and Saved.

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Updated 22 May 2022
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