1. Introduction

Multiple Users of the chatbot might approach your bot via different channels, it could be either web, whatsapp or any other social media channel, with our stitching mechanism you can link all the same users to one view so that you can view all their queries and monitor the progress on the resolutions.

2. Stitching

Users will be stitched if the below conditions are met –

  1. The attribute user.phone_number should have the same value.
  2. The attribute user.email should have the same value.
  3. Both the attributes user.phone_number and user.email have the same value.

You can stitch it in two ways –

You can use the ‘Set User Attribute’ node and update the values to the above-mentioned attributes- For instance, we pick user.phone_number. 

  1. You can update them manually by navigating to the Message section.
  2. Edit Phone number in User Details.
Document image
Document image

Additional Attributes – The attributes created in the flow will be displayed here, if the attribute is having empty value then a ‘-‘ would be shown.

Recent Conversations – The stitched conversations of the Users will be displayed here.

3. Keyboard Shortcuts

Using shortcuts makes you more efficient at doing certain tasks on your computer. When you’re not necessarily reaching for the mouse every second and once you start using shortcuts each day, you’ll start noticing a boost to productivity.

3.1. Availability

Shortcuts are provided in the Messages tab for all the roles.

3.2. Commands and impact

The shortcuts are categorised into two parts –

3.2.1 Respond Box

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  1. i) Bold : Command + B
  2. ii) Underline : Command + U

iii) Italics : Command + I

  1. iv) Strikethrough : Command + K
  2. v) Add a Link : Command + L
  3. vi) New Line : Command + Enter

vii) Send and Resolve conversation : Command + R + Enter

3.2.2 One View Inbox

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i) Starting a Conversation : Command + Shift + S

ii) Assign the Conversation : Command + Shift + A

iii) Resolve the Conversation : Command + Shift + R

iv) Mark as Pending Resolution : Command + Shift + P

v) Add a note : Command + Shift + P

vi) Previous Conversation : P

vii) Next Conversation : N

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Updated 23 May 2022
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