Release Notes August 2022

Release Notes - Aug 2, 2022

As part of our monthly releases, we had a successful deployment on August 2, 2022. We have taken inputs from customers and improved functionality across Engati’s offerings.The changes made are briefed below:


Simplified OneView Inbox

Engati has positioned simplified oneview as a tool for businesses to handle customer queries efficiently. The simplified oneview was made keeping in mind the goal to make it easy to use and help owners identify conversations/queries that need attention/response. The overhaul was done to make it simple by removing the tab structure of the current oneview and providing additional options of quick filters like my conversation and unread messages. The simplified oneview would make the transition from replying via Whatsapp, messenger & instagram to replying via oneview quick and easy. The simplified oneview will make it easier to resolve, filter and search conversations.

User Upload

We have strengthened the user import feature to handle large scale uploads. Customers will now be able to upload excel files (.xls and .xlsx) with csv files. With this release we are also implementing a new predictive feature which will be able to provide an estimated time it will take to process an upload and will inform the team member via email

WhatsApp Message Templates

With message template management as a critical piece of the workflow when using WhatsApp, this feature is now available as a part of the platform when the provider selected is 360 Dialog. Users can now create, preview and request templates for approval from WhatsApp right on the portal without the need of a separate login to 360 Dialog’s portal. Users will also get a list of Pending approval, Approved and Rejected templates right on the platform. This important feature will help close the loop for WhatsApp focussed communications and reduce customer pain points.

Broadcast & Campaigns

For customers who wish to send broadcasts to a bulk of users, this release included an API to send template messages for 360 dialog. This allows customers to control the list of users receiving template messages without the need to manually upload the list in advance.



Reply to Comments

This release improved the comment replies feature by enabling smart response, individually, for comment reply and private replay. The store owners can now configure the default message for instagram and also the smart response FAQ categories in the channels deployment section.Now, we are also supporting automated replies to comments and mentions on Reels

Unified Messages

Even if your agents or store owners use Instagram mobile application to reply to DMs and messages, the same will now be recorded in Engati. This will ensure that the agents always have latest context of the conversation Ice Breakers

Businesses can now set-up ice breakers for Instagram DM, these will act as a quick starting points and suggestions for the new users reaching out for the first time

Mobile App

Simplified OneView Inbox

In line with the platform, updates to the mobile app included the simplified version of the OneView Inbox. This should help customers respond to queries intuitively and more quickly.


WA Commerce Checkout Link

WA commerce checkout link will be automated after the shopper sends the cart over to the business. The functionality also automatically checks if all the items in the sent cart are available. If yes, they are added to the checkout. If not, the shopper can be notified about the same.

Visual Search

The Visual Search feature fits perfectly into the Product Discovery journey, to serve the purpose of bringing up relevant products from an image shared by the shopper. On conversational platforms, shoppers tend to share images of products they are looking for. This could be a real-time snap of the product they like. It could also be a screenshot of a product they find on the web.

Product Discovery Enhancements

Backend changes for product caching were made. This would improve the latency in bringing up relevant products for the customers in the Product Discovery journey. Backend changes for the simplified Product Discovery enablement were made.


Model Optimisation - Performance enhancements for inference of the image search deep learning models

Updated 08 Aug 2022
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