Set User Attribute

1. Introduction

Set user attribute node allows you to update the data in your desirable attributes from other resources.

In the above example, we are asking the users for their phone numbers and updating them into different attributes via a single node without asking for the information from the user again.

2. Functionality

i) Name – You can select a pre-existing attribute or create a new attribute by clicking on create ‘attribute name’.

ii) Type – This represents the type of attribute and the format it will support, meaning if the type is Text then it will take any text input.

If the type is Number then it will accept only Number types, and you can use attributes of the same type itself.

An attribute having the type Text cannot be used for storing values from an attribute that has a Number type.

iii) Set Value – You can add values manually into it to be updated into the corresponding attribute or you can update them via another attribute.

2.1 Object Type attribute

Object attribute: You can define and capture attributes in JSON format.

You can retrieve a particular set of information from an array and update it into the new attribute, the type of this new attribute should be Object.

You can either take one attribute and add it to the object.

You can take an object and retrieve values from it too.

As an example

Setting the Object using Set User Attribute as obj1 type Object. Ensure the fields should be consistent across all the objects present in the array. 

Retrieving the Object : {{obj1.batters.batter.0.id}}


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Updated 01 Jul 2022
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