WhatsApp setup using 360Dialog

1. Introduction

WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, cross-platform messaging, and Voice over IP service. Engati allows customers to use WhatsApp messenger as a channel for the bot. Engati supports 360Dialog as a WhatsApp provider and businesses can deploy Engati Chatbot on WhatsApp using this integration.

2. Create a new account with 360Dialog

Customers can register for an account on 360dialog by logging on to the Engati portal and navigating to ‘Configure’ from left navigation menu and clicking on ‘Deployment’, choosing the WhatsApp provider as 360Dialog

Read more about the 360Dialog registration process, by referring to this documentation

Document image

3. Setup 360Dialog with Engati


To add 360Dialog as the WhatsApp provider on Engati, please follow the steps below

3.1 Click on Deployment, under the Configure menu from the left navigation bar.

Document image

3.2 Select WhatsApp and 360Dialog from the list of providers available

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3.3 There will be two input fields required to be filled, this information will be available in the 360Dialog platform in WhatsApp accounts. Login to the 360Dialog account, to access this information

i) Phone number

The phone number of the Business will be available under the WhatsApp account section.

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Copy the entire number along with the code and paste it into the Engati Chatbot platform.

ii) API key

Click on the Generate API key

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The generated API key is a one-time process and cannot be retrieved further, hence we would suggest copying the key and store it in a secure manner.

Document image

Once the above processes have been followed the result would be similar to the image below.

Document image

Click on Save once the details are added and the chatbot has been successfully deployed over the same WhatsApp number.

Engati allows you to receive message status i.e Sent, Read, Delivered, etc for WhatsApp conversations. You can transfer this status to your webhook by adding it to the Status Webhook section.


Once you're done with the configuration, you can add a pre-filled message and share the Click to chat WhatsApp link.

You can also download the QR code and add it to your website, blogs, or social media.

If you wish to add the WhatsApp widget to your website, you can copy the embed code and it to your website's HTML code.

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Updated 27 Jun 2022
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