Checkout abandonment

You can send a template to users when they abandon their checkout

Abandoned Checkout template
Abandoned Checkout template

Name - abandoned_checkout Category - Alert Update Language - English (en) Template type - Media & Interactive

Header - Your cart is waiting!

Body - Hi {{1}},

We see you were trying to make a purchase but did not complete your payment, nothing to worry about, we have your cart saved 🛒

Let us know if you have any queries.

Footer - Enbo from Engati

Buttons - Type - Call to action Label - CHECKOUT NOW Url - Copy this URL https://ai.engati.com/ and then click on Add variable button on the right side.

Now, click on Preview and Submit button and add the below example values in the next step.

Example values - These are sample values for WhatsApp to approve the templates. Body: {{1}} - Engati Button URL: {{1}} - ?utm_source=engati&utm_medium=whatsapp

Updated 20 Jun 2022
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