Enabling data formatting

1. Introduction

Organizations across continents are adapted to different formatting options, flexibility in terms of Formatting would make the chatbots more user-friendly in terms of how data is being presented to them.

2. Availability

You can access this option by navigating to Configure -> Advanced -> Formatting. 

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3. Functioning

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Identifier – Identifier is used for providing the name that would help you recognise your choice of formats.

There are three types of formats we support for formatting.

3.1 Number

Digit Grouping: The number of digits contained between each separator for all digit groups.

You can either group them as

12,12,121 123,123,123 123456789

Grouping Selector: The character for separating the groups of digits in numbers.

3.2 Time

Format: Select the time format to be used

12-hour format 24-hour format

Add preceding zero: Enabling this would add 0 in front of the hour time when the value is single.

Before Enabling: 8:32 After Enabling: 08:32

Include Seconds: Enabling this will add the second column to the time too

3.3 Date

Depending upon the style you will be provided with the following options to configure.

3.3.1 Short

Date Separator – Slash, Hyphen, Space, Period

Component Order – Date, Month, and Year

Year Format – YY or YYYY

3.3.2 Long

This would have 6 pre-defined templates through which you can use the same.


Preview Option – This option would present how the data would be presented and modified with the changes being added to them.