Harnessing conversational intelligence

The Train functionality will streamline the current chatbot setup experience and has been introduced to make it easier for the users to set up a chatbot as quickly and effectively as possible. This will allow users to set up answers to probable queries by setting up FAQs, defining Entities, uploading questions, and responses in a Tabular Input format or uploading relevant documents in Document Lookup. Engati NLP engine has been set up and has the intelligence to search across the four types and match the most relevant response according to the query asked. Also, users have the control to change most of the settings and search preferences according to their requirements. Customers can click on Train from the left navigation bar and setup responses from the following available input options:

  • FAQ
  • Cognitive Search
  • Entities
  • Tabular Input
  • Training Resources
  • Configuring Conversational Intelligence

Updated 05 Jul 2022
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