1. Introduction

Chatbots are commonly used for user engagement with potential prospects and integrate with the customer CRMs to update the collected user information in the integrated CRM.

Engati further provides standard out-of-box integration with the most popular Cloud CRM solution, Salesforce. This integration provides capabilities for recording Leads, Service tickets, and Inquiry Functions.

Note: Salesforce direct integration is supported only for the following editions.

  1. Enterprise Edition
  2. Unlimited Edition
  3. Developer Edition
  4. Performance Edition

Direct integration of the following editions is not supported at present by Salesforce.

  1. Group Edition
  2. Essentials Edition
  3. Professional Edition*

1.1 Access to Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration can be set up in the Integrations> Cloud Integrations workflow of Engati. This is available to our customers on the Business (or higher) plans.

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Once the integration with the Salesforce account is completed, it can then be accessed in Builder>Path of choice. Click on ‘Add Node’ and select Salesforce under Integration nodes

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2. Steps to Configure Salesforce Integration

2.1 Adding the Salesforce account

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1. Login to your Engati account and go to the “Integrations” tab.

2. Click on the ‘connect’ button and enter a name for your account. Then click on ‘Authorize’. Login to your Salesforce account and allow the permissions on the page that opens up upon authorizing. Once done you will be redirected to the Engati portal and the integration will reflect on the platform.

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2.2 Configuring Salesforce Node

  1. Once you have Logged in, you are done with authorizing your account. Now go to Builder > Path of choice. Click on the ‘Add node’ button and select Salesforce from the integration nodes.
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2. You can also Authorize a new account here or use a previously authorized account.

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2.3 Selecting an Action

  1. Once you select your account, you can then select an action, from the list of actions available, to be performed on your account. The list of available actions is as below: a. Add account b. Add lead c. Add opportunity d. Add case e. Get case f. Update case
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2. Once you select the action it populates various rows that are required to complete the actions, assign different attributes for each row with respect to what information is required.

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3. Once you have done with assigning the attributes to save the node and your Integration is ready.

Updated 23 May 2022
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