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1. Introduction

The carousel option can be used to make interactive messages with images, text, subtext, URLs, and buttons.

Static List – Add Individual Cards – as the name suggests, use this option when you have a known specific set of cards to be added. Each card and its details have to be specified specifically while configuring the carousel using this option.

Dynamic List – Select an Array Attribute – this option allows you to configure a dynamic set of cards. Each card would get its details from one object in an array of objects stored in an attribute.

To configure this source –

Select an Array Attribute to construct the Carousel You can use attributes from within the array object to specify Image Source, URL, Heading, or Subheading. To refer to fields from the array object use the following notation $ARRAY.<key>$. Here, key refers to the field name in the object. The card details configured to one card will be replicated in each card generated for all the objects in the Array Attribute (up to a maximum of 10). If no (or incorrect) data is available in the attribute, the carousel will not be generated.

3. Theme Styling

Card type

  • Separate sections - The image, title, description, and buttons have borders, dividing them into different sections in the card.
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  • Seamless card - The image, title, description, and buttons do not have borders, making it look like a single card.
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  • List - The cards appear one below the other, in a list
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Card Layout You can also select the layout of the card, whether you want all the cards displayed together or one card at a time. The available options are:

Continuous Scroll: In this option, you see multiple cards within the chat widget with an option to scroll through them.

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Note: This is only available when the card type is Seamless cards or Separate Sections.

One at a Time: In this layout, one card is presented at a time. Users can scroll left or right using the next card button.

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To move the carousel cards, click on edit and simply drag the cards as required.

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Updated 30 Jun 2022
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