WhatsApp setup using Nexmo

1. Introduction 

WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, cross-platform messaging, and Voice over IP service. The fastest-growing messaging platform and Enagti allows you to use this platform for your bot. Engati has its integration with Nexmo and you can deploy your Engati bot on Whatsapp using this integration.

2. Steps to Configure Nexmo For JWT Based setup (Sandbox environment)

2.1 Setup in Engati

  1. Login to Engati and go to the bot in which you want to set up Whatsapp using Nexmo JWT
  2. Click on Configure> Deployments and go to the Whatsapp channel.
  3. Click on Connect and select the provider – Nexmo
  4. Enter Phone Number(without + and no space between them), JWT and Client URL (https://sandbox.nexmodemo.com/v0.1/messages/) in the boxes after selecting JSON Web Token in the dropdown
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2.2 Setup in Nexmo

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  1. Give the inbound webhook URL and the status webhook URL to Nexmo.[Note: You need to update the keyword $provider to Nexmo]
  2. Nexmo will provide us with the JWT token and Keyword to connect with this bot.
  3. Login into https://sandbox.nexmodemo.com/ui/ using email and JWT provided.
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4. Click on edit and we will have a popup with details on the setup

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5. Update the Inbound URL and status URL here.

3. Steps to Configure Nexmo for ApplicationId Based setup (Production Environment)

3.1 Setup in Engati

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  1. Login to Engati and go to the bot in which you want to set up WhatsApp using Nexmo JWT
  2. Click on Deploy and go to the Whatsapp channel.
  3. Enter Phone Number (without + and no space between them), Client URL(https://api.nexmo.com/v0.1/messages) in the boxes after selecting Application Id in the dropdown.
  4. Application Id and privateKey we will get from https://developer.nexmo.com (check below for steps)

3.2 Setup in Nexmo

1. Login to  https://developer.nexmo.com

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2. Go to Your application under Messages and Dispatch. 

3. Select your API key from the dropdown.

4. Create a new application if we have not created any application till now. 

5. If we already have an application created like we can see ROXY in the above screenshot. Click on that. It will redirect you to this screen.

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6. Click on the edit option.

7. Click on edit or Create a new application will take you to a screen similar to :

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8. We can get the Private key from here, which we need to update in Engati for setup. (Generate public and private key)

9. We have the fill the details like Name, URLS(Inbound and Status) here.[Note : The URL present in Engati will be like, https://chat2ai.cbots.live/$provider/webhooks/a0/f63d7fda19754e49. Here we need to change $provider to Nexmo. So the URL that we update on Nexmo should be: https://chat2ai.cbots.live/nexmo/webhooks/a0/f63d7fda19754e49]

10. Application Id will be generated after we save this, which we need to update in Engati.

Updated 02 Jun 2022
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