Chatbot Template

A chatbot template is a ready-to-go chatbot with pre-built flows and FAQs.

Engati has a collection of 150+ chatbot templates available in the Bot Marketplace and users can select any one of them to get started on your Bot building Journey.

Alternatively, you can also access it from under the Profile Menu on the top right of your Engati Account.

Bot Marketplace

Engati’s Bot Marketplace is an extensive library of chatbot templates for a wide range of use cases across a number of categories including HR, Customer Support, E-Commerce, Education, Marketing, Travel, Finance, and more.

Using a Chatbot Template

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You can use a chatbot template while creating a new chatbot, click on any template to preview it, and then choose ‘Create a bot’ to have the bot in your account.


Updated 27 Jun 2022
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