Attribute management


Attributes are a core part of the chatbot as it stores and displays appropriate data for each user. Engati allows you to easily manage these attributes.


Attribute management can be accessed by navigating to Configure -> Attributes. 


To know more about attributes you can refer to the following document.

There are four columns that represent the source and nature of the attributes.

Document image

A user can perform the following functions for attributes.

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Edit Attribute: This allows you to change the name of the attribute and the validation message.

Check Reference: This displays the nodes in the chatbot where this attribute is being used.

Check History: This will fetch the list of changes done to the particular attribute with a timestamp and the moderator.

Delete Attribute: You can delete a particular attribute and it will reflect in the Deleted Section.

Add Attribute: You can introduce a new attribute for your product by this option, you can configure the type and validation message of the attribute.

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Download: This option enables you to download your attributes and relevant data that can be used for auditing purposes by various organizations.

In case of issues, feel free to reach out to support@engati.com.

Updated 01 Jul 2022
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